Day 23 {first time Ava writes her name}

Today was a good day. Lots of stuff going on. Little things and big things. It was my last weekday at home with the kids before heading back to work on Monday.

The big news of the day was that for the first time ever, Ava wrote her name. She did it all on her own. The only thing I did was remind her that the lines have to touch at the top of the A.

Ava on the phone with Auntie Karen from Montreal. She gets the hair twisting habit from me.

Getting a head start on some valentines.

Potty training has not been going well except since yesterday Ava has been occasionally running to the bathroom saying she has to go. Whether anything actually happens or not I have no idea as she locks us all out. Here are the boys banging on the door while she's in there. It's about time she got a dose of her own medicine. Anybody who has ever used our washroom knows that you don't get two seconds peace while you are in there. And when the spring comes and everything shifts in the house, you really aren't alone because the door flies open the second it is pushed and before you know it she's standing there staring at you.

Owen (BeeBee) is in green and Ethan (Chonk Chonk) is in blue.

I took a few minutes to fill out some important info for the nanny for Monday. I used the funniest and coolest notepad I got from my friend Jenn for Christmas.

Ava's grandma and grandpa get home from Jamaica today. They are coming home to a windchill of -27 C.

Remember that dessert from the other day? It didn't stand a chance.

My friend Sheri was talking on her blog about capturing the good and the bad with this project. I think she's right. Our bad for the week is that Ava has picked up some colourful language from yours truly. Several times this week I have heard Ava exclaim "what the hell?!" Oops. But you know? It wouldn't happen if I didn't watch ridiculously frustrating shows like this:

Well that's it for today. Thanks for checking in!


Sheri said…
Way to go Ava! Writing her own name...that's so awesome! Such a smart little girl!

The potty training will come. It's a good sign that she is going to the bathroom all on her own and asking to go. For Alyssa what worked was putting her in underwear and taking her to the potty every hour or so to start. We would just say it's potty time and take her, even though she claimed she didn't have to go. This is what they did with her at daycare too. They actually started putting her on the potty after every diaper change from the time she started when she was 18 months. Alyssa didn't like getting wet and would get very upset with herself, so she had very few accidents and it only took a few weeks. She has been potty trained since about October and has maybe had a handful of accidents. Now we're working on getting her to go all by herself, because she tends to want us to help do everything for her. She is getting better. I think a lot of it has to do with seeing her baby sister getting so much attention. You'll probably find that one day it'll just click for Ava.

I am glad you included both good & bad in today's highlights :)
Melissa said…
Beautiful pics, Jen! Love the boys banging on the door and I'm not sure which part of me is prouder of Ava's printing - the teacher part or the aunt part. She is growing up so quickly! WOW!

Thanks for the great play yesterday!
Shannon said…
Wow, writing her own name! What a smart little cookie! Maybe she could teach Natalia. That's awesome!!

Poor Gramma and Grandpa, coming home to the deep freeze! I feel bad for them. (NOT)
Anonymous said…
Big girl writting her name!! Potty training is always a laugh. I love the notepad that is to funny ;-)