Day 25 {getting ready}

Well, it's back to work for me tomorrow after a year of maternity leave. Because of that, I had a pile of running around to do and a house to clean. I also realized that I can't wear my favourite grey sweatpants to work and considering all of my winter clothes are maternity clothes, I needed a last minute trip to get clothes. When I got to the mall I was relieved to see that black is still "in". Good to know.

The new clothes. Terrible picture and lighting, but a big part of the day today.

The new schedule...

New toys and activities for the nanny to use to distract the kids.

The most unexciting part of my day was trying to get marker out of Ava's favourite shirt (okay really my favourite shirt for her). I followed the directions...

and it didn't work. Stupid Crayola. The matching spot on Ava's belly however has since washed off. Markers are now outlawed in our house.

Yes. Today really was that boring.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
OMG, I would lose it! I'm sorry you can't get that out of Ava's shirt.

And by the way, those toys sure look familiar!! he he he.

Have a great day at work tomorrow.
Chreamps said…
Not boring, just life! Sounds like a super busy day!

I know this sounds weird but my Mom once got blue ink out of one of my white sweaters by soaking the stained part in milk - go figure. It drew the ink right out of the sweater.

Hope you have a great week back at work!
Sheri said…
That sucks about the marker! I'm sorry you can't get it out.

I wouldn't ban them quite yet, Crayola does make washable ones and they really are washable. Alyssa got some for Christmas (in stocking from Santa) and on Christmas day got some on her new shirt!! I washed it like I normally would and it came out!

Good luck on your first day tomorrow!
Melissa said…
Good luck today, Jen! Hope you have a great first day back! I will be thinking of you!
Karen E. said…
All the best back at work "outside of the house"! Trust that it will go well. Make certain that your camera follows you to work ;) I noticed an extra spot on your calendar for another name. Now, do you think I will belive that it came that way!!!
Anonymous said…
One year off leave! WOW you are one lucky girl! WEll good luck! We don't use markers anymore too. to much to worry about.