Day 30 {bathtime}

Well today was a hard day to get pictures. There wasn't enough natural light in the house before I leftfor work and the sun was down by the time I got home. I stuck with it though and have a few pictures from today.

Ava playing in the bathtub...

I'm sure this picture will disturb them for years to come. But seriously it's a lot easier to get the bathing assembly line going and do one bath and only have to fill the tub once.

Scarlett does this every night. She follows me upstairs when Ava goes up to bed and while I am reading to Ava, she crashes on my side of the bed and keeps it nice and warm for me. She lies there until I go to bed and then she gets off the bed and lies beside the bed on the floor. :)

Other than that, not much happened today.

Number of times I skidded on ice and fish tailed into the other lane: one
Number of almost accidents I saw on the way to work: one
Number of cars in the ditch on the way in to work: one
Number of times a 72 piece pot of gum opened and spilled all over my purse: 1
Number of pieces of gum that fell out when it opened: 71
Number of times I swore as a result of all of the above: 3

Thanks for looking! And big thanks to everyone who has posted comments - I really appreciate it. :)


Shannon said…
Sorry to hear the roads were bad for you today. They were beautiful here. I love the photos of Scarlett on the bed. She looks like she is quite comfy. Gerben would have a heart attack if my cats did that.
Sheri said…
Great pics Jen! Love the one of the kids in the tub...that's a keeper!
Melissa said…
Awesome pics, Jen! I love the one of Ava's toes. The expression on her face in the backgrouns is priceless! I agree with Sheri - the one in the tub is cute. I love how both of the boys are smiling at Ava. Must have been telling them quite a story!

Okay - here's my guess. Is Owen on the right and Ethan on the left?
Karen E. said…
Thanks for the snapshot of your day Jen. Ava has such cute toes and who can't love Scarlett when she warms your bed? Enjoy it now, because when you hit 50 you will want an ice pack! Melissa, my guess is the same as yours. Ethan on the left and Owen on the right. Hard to see the "cowlicks" but Owen often has the bigger smile.
You both know them so well! You are totally right. Ethan is on the left and Owen is on the right. :)