Day 31 {Owen walks}

Today was a great day. Lots of stuff happened today.

Look who is walking now. It's Chomp Chomp (please note that Chomp Chomp is now Owen):

Somebody had an excellent day potty training and got a lot of treats in return...

Ava and I went on our weekly trip to the library...

and Ava found her favourite book - Pigs by Robert Munsch.

The quarantine was lifted at my grandmother's nursing home, so I was finally able to go and visit her. I was thrilled to see that she was doing very well and much better than the last time I saw her a few weeks ago. (Big thanks to my aunt for taking this picture for me.)

Then after that Ava and I played outside in the snow.

Ava standing by the massive pile of snow at the end of our street. A pile which we later climbed together. Not sure what was going on but my pictures from outside were TERRIBLE. They were really dark.

It took us five minutes to walk through the yard to the swing set. In some spots the snow was almost up to my waist.

That was it for today. I'd really like to do some scrapbooking right now but I may just have to go to sleep. I think playing in the snow wiped me out.

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Way to go Owen. Am I correct in saying both boys are now walking. I can never get it straight who is who :)

That's great that your Grandma is doing well and even better that you got a picture of the two of you I said in my post tonight, we need to make sure we're in these photos too!

I also love Ava's hat and scarf, that colour of purple is beautiful. Is that the set your Mom knit? I'd love to know what colour it is.
Anonymous said…
Owen Is walking now!! Thats a lot of fun. I like the picture of Ava up close its awesome! Waist deep snow wow! You got your work out for the day lol. ;-)