Day 7 {Ava and the iPod}

Well it's day seven and I am impressed that I am still going strong. I am going to have to pace myself though or I am going to run out of ideas.

Ava and I started the day with a good laugh:

Have you seen this? It's pretty funny:

Moving on with our day.

Pieces of artwork coloured within the lines: 2

Toys from Christmas broken and deemed unfixable: 1

New songs downloaded to ipod: 1

iPods stolen: 1

Number of spectators watching Daddy clear the driveway: 3

Number of eyes watching me as I cooked dinner: 6

(Please excuse the horrible kitchen lighting.)

Number of sippy cups filled: 5

Number of diapers changed: 12

Number of bottles prepared and served: 9

So all in all, a pretty uneventful yet typical day. Hopefully I haven't bored you to death. Hang in there. We might get to some good stuff yet.

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Love your take on the photos today...especially the diapers changed and bottles served...I'll have to take pictures of that one day.
Chreamps said…
I love your succession of photo's they are not boring at all! Those little eyes watching you were too precious!

Now, that Ellen video, I'm sitting here by myself laughing hysterically, no I'm not crazy - thanks for the laugh!
Anonymous said…
What a great way to keep up with my grandchildren!
I love logging in every day and seeing what you have documented.
Love Mom
Shannon said…
Boring? Never! Your blog is hilsrious. The ellen clip was awesome! Hey, did the baby gate we gave you fit?
I Love all your photos especially the one of them all standing by the window! Adorable!
Melissa said…
Are you kidding me? I love all the pics Jen - you could never bore me! Your ideas are so unique! Keep up the fantastic work! What precious little angels!
Karen E. said…
What a lucky great aunt I am with both you and Shannon doing the 365 day "thing"! Never a boring set of pictures Jen, just precious memories of precious children.
Janie/Karen said…
OMG Jen! As always even your "so-called boring" pictures look fantastic. I need to know your secrets. I love all your shots but especially the shot of the 3 kids watching dad clear the driveway. I look forward to seeing everyday, but for the life of my I don't understand how you are able to do it. You are a Supermom!
Tara said…
oh wow Jen :):) I am having such a blast :):) hee hee hee hee it is just too delightful .......... keep going and going and going please :):) smiles Tara :):)
Cook said…
Oh,'re priceless. How I love your photos and your comments. You never fail to deliver, my friend. My favorite pic in this group is the one of the kids watching daddy clear the driveway. Too precious!!