Day 9 {the new library}

Today was inspiring. So many opportunities and beautiful light streaming through the back windows of our house to work with. With the weather so dismal outside, I've had to depend on my flash and diffuser. Today I got to ditch them (minus the last picture) and it made all the difference.

It was a new day, a whole new set of nicknames. Several sets actually. By 10:30 this morning, Ava had come up with different three sets. I will narrate based on my personal favourites.

I started out the day with this...

And planned to read my newly arrived present in the mail (thanks mom and dad xo). Didn't happen.

Before I knew it, it was dressup time. Here's Booda in her sunglasses.

and here's Mimi (Owen).

Then Booda played hide and seek in our new curtains with Chomp Chomp (Ethan).

Then Ava practiced her "ABCs". I was impressed to see that she is now holding her pen properly. My sister taught her how to do it one day but I had no idea it stuck.

About two seconds later Booda told Chomp Chomp "you're my best friend".

Then Booda and I were off to the opening of the new library (congrats Mom. It's fabulous!).

Booda getting out of the van...

If you look closely, you can see me in her reflection.

Cutting the ribbon.

Some signage.

Booda riding the "aldergator".

Taken by Booda in Nana's new office. I must say the kid has a great sense of composition.

Nana and Booda.

Our new Tuesday night hangout.

And finally, Booda, Chomp Chomp and Mimi playing together after dinner. This is the first time I have seen this happen. Usually Mimi is off doing his own thing and only Booda and Chomp Chomp play together. It was nice to see them all playing together without one of them in a headlock.

Well that's it. It was a pretty busy day, but a good one.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Awe Jen, I just love how you narrate your blog. It always makes me giggle. I'm glad you, Booda, Mimi, and Chomp Chomp had a great day. We can't wait to see you all at "Talia's birfday party" as she calls it.
Christy said…
I love that picture with your refeclection shining back at us. Very cool.
Chreamps said…
I love how you document your day. They are always so much fun and the photographs are spectacular! These nick names are even better today (LOL)! Libraries are one of my most favorite places - how exciting! TFS!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for taking part in what was a spectacular day!
Ava was so excited!!
I am thrilled that library visits are such a special part of your week.
Thank you for documenting the day with your wonderful pics.
Melissa said…
Absolutely hilarious! I had a great visit with Booda, Mimi and Chomp Chomp this afternoon! Their names at the time were Ava, Kenna and Jenna. Way too funny!

I'm so impressed with Ava's printing! Right inside the lines, too! She's brilliant! Just don't look too closely at how she holds her pen - she's using an extra finger just like me! :) Oops!
*Crystal* said…
LOL! Another great day in your life! I LOVE it!!! They are just too cute!!! Your pictures are gorgeous!!!