Day 33 {groundhog day}

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the kids today but have high hopes for Wednesday and Thursday on my days off.

On the way home from work...

I realize just after I pull out of work that I forgot to get gas. Kms to home: 45ish. Can I make it? Sure I can. The gas light isn't even on yet. Lots of gas left in there.

Ten minutes later. Gas light is on. Kms to go: 20ish. Should I fill up? Nah. If the truck gets sluggish, I'll just gun it. The last km is all downhill. I can just coast into the gas station. Gas is 81.9 cents/L here. Surely it's cheaper at home.

Ten minutes after that I make it home with gas to spare. Good call.

Well that was about as exciting as my day was. Hopefully I'll have more for you tomorrow.

Tonight I leave you with a clip to get you in the groundhog day spirit:

Have a good night!


Sheri said…
Jen - as always, great pictures! Love the sunset over the field...gosh I miss living out your way!