Day 34 {a slight modification}

When I started Project 365, I knew that i would have to carry my camera everywhere with me. I already carry a purse and now that I am back at work and will occasionally be carrying a laptop home, I looked for a smaller camera case. My dad told me he had the perfect case for me to use and that he would gladly lend it to me. I was thrilled.

Until I saw it. Not good. I can't be seen in public with this:

As a result, a slight modification was made. :P

My only other picture of the day. Ava waving to me as I left for work. I was happy somebody actually waved to me today but upon closer inspection when I got to work, I discovered when I zoomed in that she looked pretty upset. :( The good news is that she was apparently fine by the time I made it to the end of our street.

That's it for today. I'm off the next two days so hopefully I'll get to take a lot of pictures.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Now listen here!! Nikon is not so bad! Shoot with Nikon!

I can't really blame you though, I wouldn't want a Canon strap hanging off my Nikon camera!!

Great shots.
LOL. I've been waiting all day for your reply! I knew of all people you wouldn't let that shot go unretaliated. My dad however is sunning himself on the sunny shores of Cuba so I don't feel bad for taking a shot at him. :)
Amy Lightfoot said…
hey now no knocking nikon!!!! LOL I agree Shannon I wouldn't want a canon strap on my bag either :). Nice shots Jennifer