Day 35 {chomp chomp practises}

Here are some shots taken on this cold and absolutely frigid day where friends on my facebook keep posting countdowns until they are on sunny beaches. Beaches on which I will not be sunning my behind until it is old and wrinkled and my children have moved out of the house.

So since I am not off sunning myself on a beach somewhere, I give you today's pictures.

The standard "eyes in the corner" shot that I love so much...

My little Owen.

The marker ban in our house was lifted when these markers were found in Ava's art supplies.

Ava was very happy about that. However the problem now isn't how do we get the stains out but how do we get her to cap the markers after she is done using them?

Guess who is not walking? Mr. Chomp Chomp (Ethan). He has decided why walk when I can crawl ten times faster?

Daddy getting attacked by Ava and Chomp Chomp when he got home from work today...

Bedtime has been a real struggle lately. Ava insists on watching tv in our room before she goes to bed. She's quite the con artist with her "one more show" and "I need to give you another hug" scams. She can often drag bedtime out until 10 pm. Tonight we managed to get her in bed shortly after 9.

Man I really have to put some pictures in those frames on the wall.

Well that's about it for today. Tomorrow is another day at home so I'll see what I can come up with.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Ok, for a woman who takes a million and one photos on any given day, you really do need to put some in those frames! I think it's ironic. A mechanic always drives broken down vehicals and a photographer never fills their own frames.

I must say that it must be the age our girls are at because natalia does the same thing. I need a drink. I need a snack. I have to go pee. Somenights it feels like it will never end.

Gorgeous photos! I love being able to watch the kids grow up through your blog. It makes me feel like I live so much closer.
Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures, Jen - each and every one! I agree with Shannon. It is so wonderful to be able to see the kids grow up right in front of us! That's been the hardest adjustment for me living so far away now. I miss popping over whenever to see them, but it's fantastic to see them on your blog.

Hoping to pop by this afternoon after work for a play!
Siw Aina said…
You have so many beautiful photos. I have a hard time posting one each day *lol*
Sheri said…
Great pictures Jen. I'd love to know your trick to get Ava to smile at the camera...maybe it's not a trick, maybe she actually likes her picture taken, unlike Alyssa.

I too can relate to the scams at night before bed. I agree with Shannon, it's the age the girls are at. Alyssa always wants "one more book read to her" or she "has to go pee" or "needs a drink of water". She usually isn't in bed until after 9:00 either.