Day 36 {snack time}

A few new pictures today for day 36. This picture of Ethan is my favourite of them all.

Here's a shot of Owen...

Somebody in our house is fed up of Project 365 already (damn that blasted Crayola company again)...

And of course our personal bed warmer.

We try not to eat a lot of treats but today we all cheated and had some Bugles.

The second the bag was opened, my four children flocked to me (please note the dog is who I was referring to as my fourth child. I was not trying to make some kind of announcement).

And late in the afternoon Ethan had a wardrobe malfunction when he crawled right out of his pants. I looked over and they were gone.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
LOVE the photos! The best part is when you refer to Scarlett as your 4th child! Too funny.
Sheri said…
Love the one of all the kids (LOL) surrounding you waiting for their next taste of those yummy bugles!

I see you have someone on photo strike as well :)
Melissa said…
Beautiful pics, Jen. I love how you capture the most interesting poses. Nothing is ever staged. You have quite the eye!

Loved seeing the kids today. Best part was when Owen walked toward me for the first time. Wow!

For the record, Ava's name today was Doorknob! HA!
Karen E. said…
Fabulous pictures, again Jen. Now I know who the sixth spot on fridge calendar is for ;)
Mara said…
Clothes malfunction is funny!! Cute Cute Cute!!