Day 38 {Ethan walks}

Today was a good day.

Ava watching Strawberry Shortcake with Scarlett this morning.

Her reaction when she saw me taking a picture of her.

Look who is now walking, starting only a week after his brother...

Ava and I ran some errands and then went outside. I decided to try to shovel some of the ice so the driveway wouldn't be so slippery. 30 or so minutes later and my shoulder was sore and the driveway looked just like it did before I went outside. I give up. Let it melt.

Ava on the porch.

A crowd starts to form at the window. First Ethan...

and then Owen.

Our friends Jenn & Geoff came to visit. Ava is always shy but has no problems screaming "bye!" at the top of her lungs repeatedly as visitors walk down the driveway.

A little message to my parents from Ava...

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Adorable pics, Jen! I love the ones of the boys at the window! Wait til Nana and Grandad are home to see how much they have changed in the last couple of weeks! Love the one of Ava in the adirondack chair - cute pose!
Anonymous said…
These are so cute. I love Owen at the window. SO sweet ;-)