Day 40 {welcome home}

Well, not a whole lot today. I had a great opportunity for an amazing shot this morning when I woke up, but being a portrait photographer and not a landscape photographer I was a bit out of my element and without the proper equipment. When I got up at 6:30 this morning, the moon was amazing. It was bright and it was full. It was foggy outside so there was a mist passing by it very slowly. Think Thriller video where they are dancing through the cemetery (which as an aside who would have thought that Michael Jackson would end up being scarier in real life than he was in the Thriller video?). Anyway, it was awesome, but alas you wouldn't know it by this crappy picture:

Whatever. It took the pressure off because by 6:45 the moon was gone but I had taken at least one picture for the day.

Other than that, I was stuck with using flash for the rest of my pictures as I didn't take pictures again until tonight.

My parents are home after two weeks in Cuba. Do you think the kids missed them?

Survey says? Yes. (P.S. This is Ethan.)

Somebody even got a hat:

Speaking of Thriller, have you ever seen this?

Gotta love the "chick" in the tank top lol.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
I remember that video. And your photo could totally be from that video of his. Michael Jackson freaks me out.

I must say that I love the shot of Ava with the hat on. She looks adorable.
Anne of Alamo said…
I love the way the pic of Ethan on the floor really is neat, and b&w looks so good..
I watched the video...all the way thru...why? I don't
Chreamps said…
Your moon shot turned out great - love the mist! Yes, Michael Jackson is scary (LOL), like him better before all the surgeries when he looked normal.

I remember the video but forgot about the "chick" in the halter top (ewww!).

I've missed coming by and seeing your gorgeous kids - looks like they loved having their grand parents back!