Day 42 {valentine prep}

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Today was a busy day but I didn't take a lot of pictures. We got a chance to go and see Ava's little friends at our old babysitter Lisa's house. So Ava and I sat down this morning and made some treat bags and signed some valentines to take along.

The supplies...

The filling...

Picking out who gets which card...

Somebody fell asleep on the job in the valentine smartie sorting factory.

After storytime this morning at the library, the three kids and I went to Lisa's house. We went with a little treat like this for everyone...

and came home to discover that the dog had eaten the remaining smarties. And trust me, there were a lot of them. Probably 1/3 of that big bag in picture one. The good news is she seems to be okay.

Thanks for looking!

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3 Responses to “Day 42 {valentine prep}”

Shannon said...

Oh man, I can't believe the dog ate all those smarties. Great idea to make little treat bags. I bet the kids LOVED them.

Jennifer McDougall said...

Yep she did. She also ate one of the treatbags. Poor Emma's treat bag is in Scarlett's belly lol. :(

Melissa said...

Great pics, Jen. Sorry to hear that Scarlett got into the treats. What a monkey! She still has a little bit of puppy in her!

I would love to have seen Ava's face when she found the brown smartie in there. She's so good at sorting that it would have made her laugh that someone missed a brown one!