Day 43 {dancing}

Well, I managed to get quite a few pictures taken today. Nothing to write home about, but I managed to capture some fun moments.

Unfortunately the snow is back...

but fortunately Scarlett lived to see another day after the smartie incident from yesterday. She even felt well enough to swipe a yogurt off the table when we weren't looking. (Here she is scrounging for stray cheerios in Owen's highchair.)

I went into Ava's room this morning to find her reading to her Barbie dolls:

Ava assured me she could juggle just like Uncle Jarret:

Owen found a new hiding place:

Scarlett got lots of attention:

But also some time to herself.

Toys had to be repaired...

Snacks were enjoyed.

And a great opportunity was ruined by a roaming little body (Ethan).

And last but not least, Ava gave each of the boys a dancing lesson. Here is she is with Owen...

and here she is with Ethan.

Well that's enough for today. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
These are fantastic pictures as usual, Jen! Love them! Hope the kids keep practising their dance moves - I'm hoping for a show at the big bash on Sunday!
Shannon said…
I love the everyday moments in these photos. They are awesome!!

My favourite is how angelic or maybe desperate Scarlett looks. She looks like she is dying to get outside.
Karen E. said…
Thanks so much for sharing your daily pictures Jen. It is so much fun watching the children grow. Glad that Scarlett is not feeling any ill effects from the smartie episode! Love the picture of Ava reading to her Barbies. Ava certainly has more of you in her that she does of her Dad, at least on the dance floor!
ChrissyW said…
i LOVe your pics!!! keep em coming!