Day 45 {b-day & v-day}

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Today was not only Valentine's Day, but it was the boys' first birthday. I am so tired I am falling asleep at the computer. It's been a busy day getting ready for the birthday party that's happening tomorrow. Here are a few pictures before I go off to bed.

Breakfast for the boys...

Breakfast for Ava and Daddy...

Breakfast for Mommy who was tring to get pictures of the above while mine were cooking...

Oh well. I don't like pancakes anyway.

Ethan eating pancakes for the first time.

Owen eating pancakes for the first time.

Ava opening her Valentine presents...

Mountain of cards received by the kids...

Beautiful flowers I received from Jason and the kids:

The first birthday call came in at:

That's about it. I took some pictures of the boys opening their presents from my parents, but the pictures weren't the best. The pictures today slowed down considerably after breakfast as we had a pile of stuff to do to prepare for the boys' birthday party tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

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2 Responses to “Day 45 {b-day & v-day}”

Mara said...
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Mara said...

Happy Birthday Boys!! Good Job Mom ;-)