Day 47 {family day}

Well, today was a weird day. It was a national holiday here but I worked. It was odd. There weren't many cars on the road and when I got to work I discovered that all of my suppliers were closed. Jason stayed home with the kids all day and I felt guilty I wasn't there. I don't think I will be working Family Day next year.

But then once work was over and done with, it was a great day. We got to spend the evening with the most thoughtful people you could ever meet. :) We went to Jack & Karen's house for dinner. It was very nice of them to have us over as it turns into hard work for everybody because:

The kids find everything that isn't bolted down and try to knock it over (Owen is the troublemaker here).

Pets can't find a moment's peace (this is Ethan chasing Stewie).

Airplane rides are in high demand.

Unblocked stairs require constant chapperones (Owen left, Ethan right).

You have to play whatever games Ava comes up with and they usually involve playing on the floor instead of a nice comfortable couch.

Lots of room is needed for crazy dancing (Ava is dancing with Ethan).

Thanks again Karen, Jack, Melanie and Jason. We had a great time as usual! :)

Thanks for looking!


Karen E. said…
It was great to have you and your family spend some time with us Jen. There certainly isn't a dull moment! Having three munchkins around all day would definately help my waistline! Hope that they slept for you last night!
These are just so adorable, your home seems so warm and fun. I can tell you guys are amazing parents! You have the cutest kids ever too!! Thanks for tagging me sweety, I promise I will get it up soon! Hugs!
Erika said…
Lovely pictures as always! The cat really caught my attention, he is lovely and great that you got so good shots of him. When I try to capture my cats from the floor they just run forward to pet with the lens.