Day 50 {princess dressup}

Wow am I at day 50 already? Not bad at all. Today's day started with a trip to the doctor. Owen has bronchitis and Ethan's lungs are clear but I am sure it's a matter of time before they all have it.

Owen was a bit miserable at times:

And your guess is as good as mine whether this actually worked or not (we are giving them very small doses of this recommended by the doctor because I wouldn't give them anything without him recommending it first):

But he didn't let it keep him down and after a nap he and Ethan were all set. Ava wanted to play with the boys in her room and had a plan...

that the boys weren't so thrilled about.

But they were good sports. And within no time Cinderella (Owen) and Sleeping Beauty (Ethan) forgot they even had the dresses on.

My favourite of the day. It's like Owen's asking "Dude - what happened to you?"

A short while later they had a dance party to Rihanna. The little machine below is the coolest present Ava has ever gotten. It's an MP3 player that straps to her bed. You can hook it to the computer and put on whatever songs you want. Ava's top five songs on it:

5. Hot & Cold by Katy Perry
4. Step by Step by KNOTB
3. Umbrella by Rihanna
2. When I Grow Up - by Pussy Cat Dolls
1. Single Ladies by Beyonce

Another cool thing in Ava's room that was also from my sister - a light up moon that operates by remote control. You can put it on full blast or only light slivers like the real moon.

Other than that stuff, not much else happened. We had a few extra visitors at the table for lunch:

Ava had two imaginary friends today. I have never seen her with an imaginary friend before and was stumped as to how to photograph. Her imaginary friends' names? Emma and Natalia. I think she's missing her cousins. :(

That's about it. I am exhausted and off to bed. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Lol, so fun to see them all play togheter, even if it means two littly guys dressed up in gowns. I'm sure these will be treasured pictures one day! And they both are so patient, allthough poor Owen still doesn't feel fine. Hope you all get well with the weekend!
Melanie said…
The imaginary friends comment brought me back to the days of Travis and his imaginary friend, The Little Boy. If you haven't heard any of Travis, Paul or Christine's stories, next time you seem them you'll have to ask! Hilarious...
thanks for sharing
Mara said…
Dressing up brother "s" in this house is so funny. DD puts jewlry on him and crowns lol I think its so cute. He plays all the girl stuff with her. He seems to have a lot of fun doing it with her ;-) As long as they are together. I like the moon thats real neat.
I had forgotten about "The Little Boy"! I remember that very well. He was around for quite a while too. You're right - it was hilarious. Hard to believe Travis is about to graduate from high school! Boy are we old. :)