Day 51 {sickies}

I didn't take many pictures today as it was an odd day. Ava was still in bed when I snuck back upstairs to get my camera. She would end up waking up two seconds after this and have enough time to run downstairs and block the door so I couldn't leave.

I would end up not being at work for long as I left early to come home and look after the kids since they all have colds now. This is what I saw when I entered the house. Four kids (mine plus the babysitters little girl) plus the dog came rushing to the door. It was very nice to be missed, however I wish Scarlett wouldn't go crazy each and everytime I enter the house.

Ava continued to have two imaginary friends - Emma and Natalia.

This is Ava with her imaginary friend Emma.

And this is her with her other imaginary friend Natalia.

Last picture for the day. We are stuck in the dreaded "cheese" phase.

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Cook said…
I don't know how you find the time (or energy) to do this every day, Jen. You simply amaze me. :) I just had to comment on today's photos. They were so adorable. I hope little Owen is feeling a lot better tomorrow.

Hugs from Cook
Melissa said…
Sorry that all the kids are sick now Jen - hope you and Jas don't catch it!

Love all the pics! Cutest kids in the world!