Day 52 {fashion show}

Today was a good day, although the boys were not in a good mood as they are both still very sick.

The day started out with a dressup fashion show which is huge because although Ava loves princess dresses, she would never put them on because somebody might see her. An hour of dress up fun with her cousins and now she loves it.

Somebody isn't walking so Frankenstein-like anymore (this is Ethan)...

Could this be? Three sleeping children at lunchtime?! I'd find out a moment later that Ava was actually awake.

Then Ava went to Nana's house to help her bake a cake. I'll give you three guesses as to who put her boots on and the first two don't count.

Thanks Mom for letting me take this picture. My mom didn't want me to at first because her hair wasn't done (I think it looks great). Then we decided forget it. Getting a picture of them was more important. A few days before my grandmother died, Ava and I went over to bake cookies with her (Ava was only five months old at the time). I took my camera to document the whole thing but my grandmother and I decided not to be in any of the pictures because we thought we both looked terrible. A week later she was gone and what did I have? Pictures of dough and cookie sheets and that was about it. What a shame.

Ava saying goodbye to me when I left. Nothing says "I love you" better than a big 'ol blowfish against the front window.

Just to give you an idea of how close we live to my parents, here is our house.

Here it is from the end of the street.

And here is my parents house once you turn the corner.

Well, that's it for today. I'm tired and off to bed. I think.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures Jen - the poor boys - what cute pics though! I love the fashion show that Ava put on and the picture of Ava with Mom is fabulous. Glad to captured the moment!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
Shannon said…
OMG, my favourite photo is Ava in the tutu. The attitude on her face is priceless.
Anonymous said…
The joy we receive from our 3 grandchildren is so very special to us. We cherish the memories. Wish Nana Great could be here to see what a wonderful Mom you are! She would be so proud of the great job that you and Jason are doing with bringing up your family.
Love Nana
Awww I love all the dress up photos! My daughter enjoyed them too LOL Shes such a girly girl and a nosy one at that. I can never get over how beautiful your familiy is, you guys look like you have such a great time on a day to day basis, everyoens always so happy and smiley lol!
Sheri said…
After seeing all your dress-up photos this week I think it's high time Alyssa get some dress-up clothes! She loved playing them with at daycare, but she doesn't have any at home; at least not yet :)

The picture of Ava with her Nana is priceless! So many times we opt out of having photos taken for whatever reason and just like you said you later regret it. I am glad your Mom didn't do that, because the photo of the two of them is priceless!
Erika said…
Lovely pictures, the blowfish kiss in the window is so cute!! Love the idea too of capturing photos of our dear ones, despit undone hair or such (think your mums hair looks great!).