Day 55 {pancake Tuesday}

Well, it was a pretty uneventful day as I was at work today. I didn't even realize that it was pancake Tuesday until I was on my way home from work.

Pancake Tuesday is one of those days where I miss my grandmother even more. If she were still here, it's one of those days where we would be at her house having Portuguese Pancakes for dessert. My plan was to make Portuguese Pancakes on pancake Tuesday and I had made a mental note to check and see when pancake Tuesday actually was. Guess I blew it. Since it snuck up on me and I don't have all of the ingredients to make them tonight, I guess that's tomorrow's success or utter disaster depending on how things go.

Just a few for today. The sunset on my way home from work:

And since I was caught off guard, instead of Portuguese Pancakes the kids and I had pancakes courtesy of Aunt Jemima. I didn't even have a full box to photograph and just the part I cut off the box to put on my container. :(

Well, that was pretty unexciting. Come back tomorrow and you can see if I successfully made the Portuguese pancakes or if I will go down in flames.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Ok, so I am definetly going to be back tomorrow because I need to know what porteguese pancakes are. The plain pancakes looked pretty good though.
Erika said…
Mm, I really like those "american" pancakes! Those we do in sweden are not so thick, and one takes up the whole pan. Can't wait to see what porteguese pancakes are, never heard of it.
Anonymous said…
Give yourself more credit. Mom would have been really proud knowing that you still try to keep the tradition alive! I can remember the amazing taste of her pancakes and the syrup with the cinnamon sticks that had to boil on the stove forever. Thanks for the great memory. I had forgotten that it was strove Tuesday.

Hope the boys are doing better.

Melissa said…
Not to worrry Jen - we celebrated with Aunt Jemima too! I honestly don't know how Nana did it with the portuguese pancakes. It's a ridiculous amount of work! I'd save it for the weekend, Jen. Definitely not something you can do in a few hours. It took me forever the last time I made them.

Good luck!
Anonymous said…
I too have fond memories of my Mom getting up early to get the batter and syrup made for portugese pancakes. It is a long process and the recipe requires a large quantity of oil. I would be happy to make them on the weekend with you. Nana would make quite a few, so she could share with family and close friends. She liked to share her culture through her traditional foods. Portugese pancakes are the size of a small Tim Bit. The texture and taste is like a cruller. My mom made her own homemade syrup with water, cinnamon, lemon and sugar boiled on a stove for hours until thickened.
Thanks Jen for preserving and caring on traditions.
Love Mom
Karen E. said…
You are awesome Jen! All the best with the Portuguese pancakes. Love your evening pictures, BUT, you must come home from work earlier than that! Jack and I enjoyed the regular pancakes at the local church supper.