Day 58 {climbing}

Well I sat down a little while ago to get my pictures ready and I decided to put my head down for a minute on the desk while the pictures transferred to the computer. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but I was out like a light and as a result this post is late.

These pictures are terrible but it was a work day today and not much to take pictures of.

This week we entered the phase I have dreaded the most (cue ominous voice): the climbing phase. Here is Owen (the much busier and more adventurous twin) entertaining Jason. He kept pulling him off the toy in the corner and carrying him back to the couch and then Owen would try again.

Ava watching some tv before bed.

That was about it for today. Tara - Mom and I are making Portuguese pancakes starting bright and early at 9 tomorrow morning (I guess today now). Feel free to join us - we'd love to have you. :)

Thanks for looking!


Tara said…
oh Jen I worked and definitely didn't have anything as tasty looking as those pancakes ....... excellent, I am hoping to be available next year for Pancake Tuesday though:):) hee hee hee