One month completed

Is January really over already? One month in and I am still loving Project 365. There were so many things I was able to capture this month. Things that I never would have thought of. Things that are very important right now in our day-to-day life. Quirky things the kids do, major milestones and the stuff that right now seems kind of mundane but will still be fun to look back on for years to come. I'll bet you if I wasn't doing project 365, I probably would only have captured about a third of this or less.

Like others doing project 365, my plan is to bound all of my layouts in a book upon completion of the year. Shannon and I were talking, and have decided that a nice compliment to our books would be a second bound book with each of the blog posts we made during this period as they also contain a great deal of information. I've done a little bit of online research but very little so far. Does anybody know of any good online sites who provide such services? Thanks!

Here is my layout for the month of January. It was created with the fantastic monthly quick pages add on to the Weeds & Wildflowers Life 365 kit. The font is Pea Bonnie Script.

Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
I love the new header! I may just have to create something similar for my blog...hope you don't mind :)

The layout is great too! Having those templates from WWD make it so easy!

To answer your question about printing your blog. I to have looked into this several times, because as you know my blog goes way back, even before Alyssa was born and I would hate to lose it. For now I back up my blog by copying everything into a Word document...although I am VERY behind in doing this. I started doing it until I could find a service that would work with Blogger, because there are many services out there, but a lot of them only work with Typepad...similar to blogger, but you pay for the service.

Anyway, I recently discovered this website They are working on providing a service to print your blog. I keep checking back, but so far nothing yet. They say early 2009, so maybe soon! They already provide a service to back-up your blog though. I was thinking of trying it.

I hope this info helps.
Melissa said…
Beautiful layout, Jennifer, as always. I admire your creativity and your one-of-a-kind creations. Keep up the unique look - it is so refreshing to see something new!