One year ago today

my little boys came home from the hospital at 11 days old.

Ethan getting ready to leave the special care nursery after being discharged.

Nana getting Owen ready to go.

Ava seeing her brothers for the first time at home.

Two years ago today:

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Time flys by so fast. When you post baby pictures,I think back to what it was like when Dad and I brought both you and your sister home from the hospital. I can't believe that we now have grandchildren. Technology iis wonderful . We get to relive the memories through your children.
Your little family is so very special .
Love Mom
Shannon said…
What a great idea to post these photo. I can't believe how tiny the boys were. And Ava, OMG, has she ever changed. Great photos.
Melissa said…
Wow! I don't think I've seen those pictures of the boys before. Hard to believe that it was a year ago already! How much everyone has changed! Very precious, Jen!
Sheri said…
Beautiful photos Jen! Thanks for sharing :)
Karen E. said…
Thank you for bringing "the past" to today. How quickly we forget how tiny the boys were and how chubby Ava's cheeks were!