Day 63

Today was not a good day. It started out okay but it spiraled downward from there. I have never been happier to see three children go to sleep in my life.

The first event of the day was storytime at the library. It went well so somebody got some treats.

I'm tired of posting coffee cup pictures so since there is no picture of my new Venza, you are correct in assuming I got another 'play again'.

Ava and I decided to do a craft later on in the morning:

As we were working, I glanced over and though how cute - Owen's come over to watch us and then I thought wait a minute - Owen isn't that tall.

After a small heart attack, the boys were strapped into their highchairs, given lunch and naptime followed. Our craft was completed and Ava now has four little paper lanterns for her room.

Tired of pushing hair out of everybody's eyes and after discovering what I think is my second grey hair, I booked hair appointments for everyone.

Ava coloured with her imaginary friends.

Baths were done in the afternoon before Jason left for work. Somebody picked out their own clothes and decided to wear favourite pajamas that don't fit anymore.

I managed to get a shower in before Jason left so I went downstairs to blowdry my hair. When I do this I wedge the chair against the toy bucket so the boys can't pull the plug out of the wall. As I was blowdrying my hair, I glanced around to do my usual two minute head count to make sure the kids were all accounted for. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Chucky staring back at me over the chair.

He had climbed up here.

7:57 pm. Mommy has had it and is ready to commit herself to Homewood. Everyone is put to bed and the cleanup process begins.

8:15 pm. A little con artist is allowed to come downstairs to watch "General Hostable" with me.

That was about it. As this day ends I find myself wishing that tomorrow was a work day but no such luck. Thanks for looking.


Shannon said…
Great photos Jen! You are in big trouble with these little climbers. Oh man they are getting busy.
Melissa said…
I know you may not be laughing now, Jen, but I'm sure you'll look back on these pictures and realize how hilarious these moments are!

Thanks for sharing! Give the kids big hugs and kisses for me!
Anonymous said…
My little guy is climbing on everything and he had fallen off the coffee table and was limping. I was freaking out. Boys are so much different than the girls. We have a counter high kitchen table he pushes the chairs open and climbs those to climb the table I find him sitting on the kitchen table to much. I am just waiting to see how many er trips I will have with him. Good Luck with the hair cuts. Those boys won't be so little anymore after. Its sad ;-)
SocRMum1 said…
Oh my God! The Chuckie picture had me dying laughing!
Great photos - as always!