Day 64

It was another long day today. The kids were up by seven and although not as wild as yesterday, they were still a handful.

Everytime I turned my back today Owen was up on the couch in a flash trying to A. steal the remote, B. run around like a crazy person or C. all of the above.

And everytime the dog went in or out, Ethan would charge the door trying to get outside.

Ava had a good day rocking potty training for the second week in a row with no diapers or pullups (except for night time).

The stairs needed an additional barricade as the boys loosened the gate yesterday by pulling on it. The box now has some holes chewed in it.

Scarlett was evicted from her dog bed again.

Some toys did not survive the day.

It was business as usual with dress up time.

Ava decided that Ethan should play too.

I decided that rather than fish kids out of the toy bucket all day I'd dump it out. It made a huge mess, but it was less work for me in the long run.

Ava discovers that the bucket can roll.

Ava and I did another craft. I am really enjoying them. I am so particular when I do my own crafts that it's fun to step back and play with egg cartons and paint. So what if the sandwich box monster has My Little Pony stickers on it?

The sandwich box monster. He also has a tail and feet you can't see from this angle.

Well, that's about it. It's been a long day and I am dead tired. On days like this when people would drive him crazy, my grandfather had a saying - it could be Portuguese for all I know - but it was "aye za zoosh carumbitty mas". I have no idea what it means exactly (hopefully it isn't horribly offensive) or how to spell it, but I know the context of its usage and I have to say that those words summarize the past two days perfectly. It's back to work tomorrow for a bit of sanity.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Hilarious, Jen! Love the pics! You'll rest well tonight!

P.S. Love how you spelled Gramps' saying. Haven't heard that in a long time! I think you did a smashing job trying to spell it!

P.P.S. You weren't looking at the ceiling talking to Mathilda today, were you? There's another famous one! :)
LOL. Nope - I'm saving those conversations for Homewood. Good old Mathilda can keep me company. Luckily the squares I made today turned out okay and weren't as hard as Mariah's behind. I still have no idea who the hell Mariah is.
Tara said…
uh oh ...... sounds like you are dangerously close to sounding like your parents ....... hee hee hee hee ......... isn't that what every parents vows never to do ;) I am so loving this Jen, you share it all so well one can clearly see it in their mind :):) hugs and thank you bunches :)
Anonymous said…
cute pictures. I like the sandwich monster. ;-)