Day 66

Today was such a miserable day outside. There was very little light in our house which is very unusual.

First thing in the morning I was drawn to the tulips again.

Of course Owen is in there like a dirty shirt trying to pull the vase off the table. (P.S. He's also the reason why the curtains in the background are up off the floor and draped over the highchair.)

About a month ago I bought a fedora to use for one year pictures of the boys. I was going for a Cary Grant feel. I set up my lights, went outside my comfort zone setting up my muslin background and umbrella and it was a total bust. Everybody was miserable so it didn't go well. Ava was in a good mood though and was pretty cooperative. Anyway, sitting here now on the computer I don't mind these. At our photography course last week Trina kept speaking of "luminosity" in the skin and I think these look pretty luminous - yay.

My little movie star:

She kinda reminds me of Rosalind Russell:

Oh how I wish this wasn't a cheesy smile:

Ava playing peek-a-boo with my reflector. This is nothing to write home about but I am baffled. This was shot in Av mode at 1/15 of a second. There is absolutely no reason why this picture should have turned out. She should be blurry.

I caught up on my archiving of my project 365 pictures.

Ava had a dance party with her brothers. Here she is showing Daddy "Shake shake". Ethan has some footwork going on. Owen has the side-to-side sway going on and is having a great time...

until Ava spins around and clocks him in the face.

Anyway, the crying only lasted for a second. Within no time he was trying to grab the remote while I was busy taking pictures.

And that's about it for today. All in all it was a good day despite lots of laundry and "climb-proofing" of the main floor.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Love the hat photos.I would love to have a copy of the second one of Ava with the hat. I need some new ones for home and also fot my desk at work.
I need new ones of the boys also, but I can wait
Until they get their first hair cut.
Love mom
Melissa said…
I agree with Mom - would love to have a pic of Ava in the hat! Those pictures are gorgeous! Hope the boys will eventually cooperate for the same pics. They're such little charmers!

Keep the cute pics coming, Jen - they make my day!
Sheri said…
Isn't it great to go back to a photo you originally weren't sure about and realize how great it is. I agree with your Mom and sister, those pics of Ava are beautiful!

I also have to say, good job with backing up the photos! I have yet to start a system for myself, even after you posted about doing this well over a year ago! Need to get on that right away...thanks for reminding me :)
Anonymous said…
Love the tulips! Great shots ;-)
Side by Side said…
Thanks for showing how you you are backing up your PAD project.
I love the idea...think I will try it.