Day 67

Today was a fun day.

Once again I was obsessed with the tulips. I was up early with Owen due to stupid daylight savings time so I thought I'd get some pictures of the sunrise hitting one of the flowers.

Once again the dog's bed is the most happenin' spot in the house (Ava is with Owen).

We spent most of the day putting pants on the boys only to have them crawl out of them five minutes later. And I finally got some shots of the boys wearing the fedora.

My vision of Cary Grant didn't work though. Owen looks more like a cross between Garth Brooks and a rabbi as he carries his murse around.

Somehow the gate barricade got tobbled when I ran upstairs to get clothes for Ava. Luckily the mutiny ended there as Jason was at curling and I was outnumbered.

Ava and I went to a card making afternoon with our Stampin' Up ladies. I made 32 birthday cards in a few short hours thanks to a fabulous kit I bought from my November. Yeah, I'm a little behind.

The birthday celebrations rolled on. The blue icing was a huge hit

That was it. I have two layouts to post, but I am falling asleep at the computer so I'll save that for tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Adorable picture, Jen! I love the one of Garth Brooks with his "murse"! :)

Thanks for a fun day!
Mara said…
SocRMum1 said…
Oh my gosh! That shot of Ava with the tulip is just gorgeous! And Rabbi Owen is a riot!