Day 69

32 years ago today...

Since it's my birthday today, I thought I'd share some totally random and useless information about myself:

Things that are older than me: my husband (by 2.5 years).

Things that are not older than me: my house, my car, Hugh Hefner's girlfriend.

Worst summer job I ever had: I worked in a lunchables factory for three days loading crackers onto a conveyor belt. They were the longest three days of my life.

Bad habits: swearing, speeding and my love of the Burger King Whopper.

Songs that make me wish I were deaf: the Grease soundtrack, Mr. Roboto by Styx, anything by Gordon Lightfoot or Air Supply.

Movies released the year I was born: Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever

Number one song the year I graduated from high school: Macarena

Top three songs on my iTunes: 1. Shine by Keith Urban (86 plays) 2. Nothing Lasts Forever by Maroon 5 (79 plays) 3. The Riddle by Five for Fighting (76 plays).

Hospital stays aside from the birth of my children: one which immediately followed sailing over the handlebars of my neighbour's 10 speed.

Quirks: when I eat Skittles I sort them by colour before I eat them.

Number of grey hairs on my head: one that I can see. If you spot more, please don't tell me.

Birthday present I got from my co-workers today: the following song was played in my honour:

The best present I received for my birthday (and the only picture I took today):

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
That picture looks like one of Julias lol they are the best gifts ever!
Diana said…
Happy birthday belated and wonderful photo!
Diana said…
and wonderful birthday present from your child.

Have a wonderful day,
Shannon said…
Happy birthday! Love the picture from Ava.
bentonflocke said…
Belated best wishes! Hope you had a nice day - the gifts of the children are the best

I´ll post some today...because today it´s my birthday ;-))
Erika said…
Happy Birthday!! (..a day late)
Wonderful gift from Ava! :)
Melissa said…
Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

Hope you had a fantastic day!
Tara said…
well Happy(belated)Birthday , well I fit in the older than you category and na na na na na naaaa I beat you in the grey hairs category (it saves me from getting highlights) :):) hee hee hee
Thank you for the huge smiles and the warm fuzzy's ...... love the pic from Ava :):)
ChrissyW said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! hope it's a fantastic one!