Day 70

Today was another rough day. The boys are not feeling well and Ava knew exactly what buttons to push and drove me CRAZY.

The indications it was going to be a crappy day were there right off the bat when I was about to leave the house for storytime at the library with Ava and an early morning mess landed Ethan in the sink (thanks, Mom). He would go on to dirty three of his outfits and two of my sweaters (in retrospect, the white sweater I put on first thing this morning really was a poor judgement call on my part. What was I thinking?).

Then at dinner I fought with Ethan forever to eat his dinner. He ate part of it, cried, got mad at me and threw up all over himself. But five minutes later he will eat pudding from Ava.

The day wasn't all bad though. For one, my beautiful tulips are still going strong.

And woohoo! Looky here. Looks like the secret is buying an extra large.

I did get some peace at naptime. Check out how Owen is sleeping:

And my little E:

Ava even played quietly in her room while the boys were sleeping:

I found some time to make a big batch of spaghetti sauce:

And Grandad came over for the afternoon for a nice visit.

Other randoms from the day included Owen deep in thought:

The boys playing quietly and in the same place very briefly:

Remember Ava's snowman? He's long gone.

And that's enough for today. Thanks for looking!


Sheri said…
Isn't it fun when they know exactly what buttons to push. It's amazing at such a young age they know so much :)

I did hear that buying a large or extra large betters your chances in winning! Jason just won a free coffee on Monday and it was with a large.

I hope Ethan starts feeling better soon!
Melissa said…
Sorry about the crummy day, Jen. I love the pics though. Such adorable kids!
Anonymous said…
The shot of your tulips is beautiful. And the foot ;-) hope your day goes better tomorrow ;-)