Day 71

Today was pretty uneventful. The boys are still miserable at times and we're still dealing with some horrifying diapers, but today was a much better day. The boys had a three hour nap so that combined with lots of laundry and other day to day stuff, I didn't take many pictures.

We did find one of Ava's funky hats and had some fun. This is typical Ava - she dressed herself, so the pockets are hanging out of her jeans, there's a small Dora alphagetti splotch on her jeans where she spilled a bit of her lunch and a smile so big her eyes are squeezed shut. :)

I managed to catch some other shots between the cheesy smiles.

Ava put the hat on Owen and as you can see in this picture, he didn't seem to mind.

Auntie M came over for a visit after school and in true Ava fashion, the second she came to the door and Scarlett started barking like crazy, she ran and hid under the dining room table.

That's it for today. Thanks for looking!


Amy Lightfoot said…
Jenn your kids are sooo Cute! I love pictures of kids in hats :)
Bekah looks great in a stetson, but we haven't found one that fits her right yet. Mind you here winter hat is a size 6-12 months from pleasemum..she has an extremely small head!
Mara said…
Thes shots of Ava are great. I got a kick out of the pockets hanging out. I am always trying to fix her pockets lol ;-) Long naps are AWESOME lol You can get so much done. Thanks for your comment on my picture yesterday ;-)