Day 72

Not very many pictures today and most of the ones I took were snapshots with my flash since the boys caught me off guard.

I added another frame to my desk so the whole family is represented now (minus Scarlett - must take in a picture of her):

After baths, I was blowdrying Ava's hair and Jason was having a hard time with the boys getting into everything. He called me downstairs so I could get these pictures. They were not set up this way - they both crawled in on their own. Our colour coding is out of whack - that's Owen in blue and Ethan in white. Normally it would be the other way around.

Ava talking on the phone with Auntie M.

And that's it. Thanks for looking!


Mara said…
I love the close up of the 2 boys I think its the 2nd one. They are so cute in the bucket. I like the frmaes too ;-)
Melissa said…
Adorable! I can't believe how quickly the boys are growing up! Thanks for the conversation last night, Ava - you're a ham!

"M are you still there?"
Anonymous said…
Great moments captured once more!
They are all so adorable.
Erika said…
Lovely photos! They look so cute in the toy bucket. The pictures on your desk also turned out great, so sweet with "the girls" and "the boys". You got to have "the dog" too! :)