Day 75

Monday, 16 March 2009

Today was a beautiful day outside but other than running to and from the car going into work and picking up groceries after work, I didn't get to see much of it. But, the days are longer now and it is still light for a while after I get home so I can't complain.

This is the only picture I took today. I took it on my way home from work. It was taken at 6:35 pm and as you can see the nice day was still in full swing.

Thanks for looking!

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9 Responses to “Day 75”

listgirl said...

Love the last rays of sunlight behind the sun.

Mara said...

Hello thanks for letting me know about the shoes. ;-) It was nice weather her too. The time change here is gotten me off. I find myself making dinner so much later than I should. lol oo well ;-)

bentonflocke said...

Wonderful evening shot

you are right - the days are better with longer light - after work!

Have a great day

JanMary said...

Lovely light.

Your "about me" could be about me!

Karen E. said...

Okay Jen, what are Dixon's giving you for this "ad" ;) Love the lighting.

Flohbock said...

wow... great sunlight!

Erika said...

That's the time when my clock wakes me for the second time.. early! Seems like you got really nice weather, it is a little easier to get going then. :)

Jennifer McDougall said...

Thanks so much, everyone! Karen - good suggestion - I'll send Dixons a bill. :)

Kirsten said...

Lovely photo of the day.