Day 77

Today was a GREAT day. Well until just before the kids went to bed when we realized that this whole climbing thing is going to be a bigger problem than we thought. More on that later.

Ava decided she wanted to eat breakfast outside at her picnic table.

A nice man came by with a delivery.

I know how much the kids like playing with laundry baskets, so I left them on the floor so they could play.

That was short lived.

We had visitors today. Christine and Luke always think of us when they get new animals and they even bring them to us. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it and had a great time. Ava will be talking about today for months. :)

Meet the star of the show: Jake.

Ava was thrilled, Owen was fearless and Ethan was glued to my lap.

Until he discovered that Jake had food.

Other randoms for today include Ethan's new onesie:

Ava watching Katy Perry on YouTube. Katy Perry may unfortunately end up being banned from the house after a colourful word that came out of Ava's mouth this morning (don't worry - it wasn't that bad. Just not appropriate for an almost three year old.)

and Owen playing with Christine.

Ava and Luke.

There was one picture that I didn`t capture today. I was out at a massage appointment after dinner and Jason was home with the kids. The boys used a toy bin to climb onto a dining room chair. Then they climbed up onto the dining room table. He found them both sitting in the centre of the table ripping my flowers apart.

Anyway, the only other big revelation of the day was that I have developed an intense dislike for Windows Vista. I give it a big F, complete with boos and hisses. Installing Photoshop was an event, a weird pop up thing happened this afternoon and tonight as I write this every time I type an apostrophe I get a French character. It`s looking like Vista might not be long for this computer.

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Those boys are fast at discovering the kitchen chairs and table. Wow! Good Luck with that one lol.

Yah you got your new DELL!!! YOu don't like vista?? I love it, so far ;-) Its has a lot of new things I dig. But its takes a bit getting used to. I had no problem installing photoshop but I have elements 7.

Anyways thats cool that Ava got to eat outside. SPring will be here on Friday ;-) Have a great night
Shannon said…
Congrats on the new computer! You are going to love it. I hope you get the hang of Vista quick. It can be very quirky.

Press ctrl and shift together I believe that's the french thing fix. It happens all the time to me on my laptop. Never my desktop. Maybe it's a laptop thing?

Love the photo of Ava eating breakfast outside. That is too cute.

Good luck with all the climbing. I think it's time for a baby cage!!
It worked! THANK YOU. I have a laptop at work but I use it with a docking station and an actual keyboard so some of my issues could be because I'm not used to it. I've got stuff popping up for no reason. I must be bumping something. The editing is tricky too because one angle it looks good and another angle looks too dark. This is going to take some getting used to, that's for sure. There's a reason I still like my clunky old monitor. :)
listgirl said…
I love how you capture your day with photos! The bunny rabbit is too cute. The climbing? Might be a problem.
Flohbock said…
Great a new dell! jippi

great photos!
Karen E. said…
Awesome pictures Jen. Ava is very brave to eat breakie outside! Don't think that I will join her :( at least not for a couple of weeks! Yes, this climbing thing will not get better in your books for a whilw, but the boys will love their new found means of exploring the environment! Love the bunny pics. Enjoy the new computer :)
Melissa said…
Cute pics Jen! I don't know how you last an entire day - I would be fast asleep by noon!
Erika said…
Lovely pictures! The ones with the rabbit is just too cute, what a sweet little fella! :)

And Ava eating breakfast outside! She looks so content and happy, although I would have wanted to wait another month or too before I'm that brave.

Take care!
Amy Lightfoot said…
Great shots again Jenn!
I had a hard time with Vista at first too, but once I got the hang of it I actually like it. We haven't had any of the "big" issues others talk about with it.
Editing on my laptop is finiky too. It all depends on the angle of the monitor. Shannon helped me lots by using her huey on it for me. Now it needs it again..I need to purchase one of those I think!
Good luck with the new computer and Have fun!
tconlan said…
Oh I love the sweet photos with the bunnies!! :)
Debra said…
Seriously....they are all too stinkin'cute!! Love all your photos!!