Day 78

Today was a pretty uneventful day. Just a normal day around our house. After the kids had breakfast it was business as usual as I tried to get breakfast made for myself while watching three kids out of the corner of my eye.

The second I went into the kitchen Owen made his move (the tv will be mounted on the wall in the very near future).

A few minutes later my breakfast was ready. I sat down to eat it, took one bite and Ethan mashed his hand down in the peanut butter. That's his handprint at the top.

Auntie M came by for an afternoon visit.

She took Ava for a walk and I managed to get some work done that I had brought home. Here she is saying goodbye to me (thanks Mel for taking these!).

I've mentioned before that Ethan and Ava are inseparable. This is classic them and illustrates the difference between Ethan and Owen. Ethan is trying to give Ava a kiss. If it were Owen, he'd be pulling her hair or trying to climb up onto her back and use her as a step stool lol.

Other random shots : my little Owen in a rare quiet and innocent moment.

Ethan wearing his dinner.

Scarlett resting after a long day at home with the kids.

I hope these look okay. I'm having problems editing on the laptop. I don't know what angle to put the screen on and have no idea how far to adjust the pictures so they look good on all monitors. What I thought tooked okay on the laptop last night was really dark on the monitor on our computer. Add in the fact that I am having formatting issues with Blogger, I keep bumping something and screens keep popping open and I keep somehow hitting shift and ctrl (thanks for the shortcut Shannon) and ending up with French characters and it's been kind of a frustrating day lol. Anyway, it'll just take some practice I guess.

Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
You leave them for a second by themselves and they climb, LOL. Yup, the climbing phase. I love your close up photos of your kids faces, so adorable.
Shannon said…
OMG, that photo of Ethan is priceless! Love it! Good luck editing with the laptop. I have gone back to my desktop for editing and I am thrilled that I did. The laptop is great for scrapbooking but sucks for editing.
Erika said…
I think the pictures looks great as always, so you probably have got the angel right on the laptop. :)
Love the one of you and Ava, it is such a sweet photo!
Anonymous said…
A library visit was on Auntie M's tour with Ava.
It was a pleasant surprise to see both of time coming through the door. Ava showed Auntie M where to find the new books. Ava is a model patron as she loves to sign out lots of books. The visit from both of them made my day.
Love Nana
Melissa said…
Thanks for a great afternoon! I had a blast! Big hugs and kisses to you guys!
Karen E. said…
Great pictures agin Jen. My eyes are not stressed if the colours are not exactly correct. How could one ever get upset with such a cute hand print in your breakfast;) Bet Ava was in her glory with Auntie M and a trip to the library was the whipped cream on the sundae. Guess seeing Nana was the cherry!
Misola said…
You are showing wonderful pictures!!
Flohbock said…
great photos!
Mara said…
I love the one of Ethan wearing his dinner. It is so funny. Good luck with the computer thing. These machines get so frustrating ;-)
Oz Girl said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting... I would say you really have your hands full at home!! Wow, I love my son to death but I am so glad he is grown and married and happy! Your kids are really cute and sweet and I'm sure they are giving you hours and days of entertainment and joy!! :)