Day 79 {the book}

Not much going on today. I was at work but came home early because our babysitter's baby is sick and had to go to the doctor. The boys drove me CRAZY. The climbing continues and it is impossible to get anything done while they are awake.

Unfortunately there was one casualty today. Unfortunately it was a library book:

I was shocked to see that Ava had swiped a pen from the computer room and had destroyed a brand new book from the library. She was taken to the library to face the music and we now own the book. I wanted to make sure she knew what she had done was wrong and wanted the point made while it was still fresh in her mind. The point was made and we can now move on.

Just before dinner I asked Ava if she wanted to go outside and feed the birds as we had some old bread we were throwing out. The whole time Jason is outside with her he keeps asking me where on earth all of these birds are they are supposed to be feeding. Just my luck there were no birds to be found. Anyway, birds have got to find it at some point so we'll be looking tomorrow.

While they were outside, I was on the deck taking pictures. Look who was glued to the glass of the sliding doors - Ethan. This is a prime example of why the windows in my house are never clean. It's because of blowfishes like this:

He was okay for a while and then he was upset he couldn't be with me on the other side of the glass.

Look who didn't miss me one bit.

We are still having some wardrobe issues. The boys keep crawling out of their pants. They are 6-9 month sized pants if you can believe it.

And that was it. Stay tuned for first haircut pictures tomorrow. Finally! I am so tired of pushing hair out of the boys' faces it isn't even funny.

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, Jen - such adorable pictures of the boys! Love the one of Ava and Jas, too - great memories in the making! Looking forward to princess day tomorrow!
Karen E. said…
Great pictures of your awesome ones! Good luck with the haircuts today! Certainly looking forward to the pictures and stories. Sorry to hear about the library book :(
Erika said…
Love your pictures, they are great and it is so funny with your fantastic journaling!
Our glass doors also looks like that, but it is no longer Linus making the mess; our dog Ebba is the guilty one. She has to stand and look out with her nose against the glass for some reason. :p
Susan said…
My hat's off to you! You are one busy person. Great pictures and these will be such wonderful memories to look back on. I enjoy your writing, too.
Debra said…
Could they be any cuter? I'm not sure what the problem is with my windows though. I don't have little ones to blame!! Super cute photos!!