Day 80 - Part 1 {first haircuts}

Today was a fabulous day. It was a long one though.

The kids finally got haircuts and wow what a difference. Suddenly the boys don't look like babies anymore, and Ava looks like she aged a couple of years. Unfortunately for some people the boys are now going to be even harder to tell apart.

Here is my little Owen:

And my little Ethan:

Neither of them had a care in the world. They sat on Nana's lap and were little angels. It was a harder sell to get Ava in the chair, but Kinder Surprise Eggs make great bargaining tools (thanks Mom for taking this as she is sitting on my lap).

After talking about it all week, Ava finally gets her green lollipop.

Outside afterwards.

This picture makes me laugh. It looks like Owen is peeing against the wall. He of course wasn't. Or was he...

Ethan doing the new haircut strut. This also makes me laugh because it looks like Jason is pulling his hair out in the background. At this point he had chased Ethan all over the salon for about a half an hour.

Wyndham Street in Guelph (the street the salon is on).

Then we went to WalMart. Ava was thrilled. She loves going to WalMart. I am sure you are asking yourself - is it the reasonable prices? Is it the huge product selection? Is it the exhilarating prospect of a few hours of retail therapy? Nope. It's all about seeing the penguins at the entrance.

Day 80 also included a trip to Toronto for Disney on Ice. Ava went on her first subway ride and trip to the Rogers Centre. She also got to see the CN Tower for the first time (from ground level). Those pictures to come tomorrow hopefully.

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Great photos Jen! Although, I think I am one of those people who are not going to be able to tell the boys apart at all! I hope you had fun at Disney on Ice!
Karen E. said…
Best "story telling" picture is the one with Jason! Can't wait to see the boys. I likely won't know them either! Look forward to the TO pictures.
Melissa said…
Very sweet pictures, Jen! Love them all! I'm working on uploading the Disney pictures, but it's slow going. I took more pics than I thought!

Thanks for a fantastic time yesterday, Jen and Ava. I had a great time and was so proud of Ava - she was an angel all day!
Sheri said…
The boys look like little men now! Wow, what change. I could never tell them apart before, so I know I still won't be able to. Looking forward to the Disney on Ice pics. I wanted to take Alyssa to that, because I know she would've loved it. Maybe next year if they come back.
Mara said…
OO the boys are so cute ;-) What an exciting day. I like the one with Ava in b/w!! First Subway ride that sounds great. Looks like you guys had a nice family day ;-)
listgirl said…
Haircuts! They look so cute! :) Penguins at Walmart, that's new. I've been to CN Tower! The glass floor at the top really freaked me out. I love the close-up photo of the crocs.
Erika said…
Wow, you sure had a full day at the hairdresser! And the kids looks really nice with their new "do's".
Hope you had a fun night yesterday!
Susan said…
Great pictures. The haircut pictures are precious. You have some very cute children.