Day 80 - Part 2 {downtown Toronto}

Here are the pictures from Toronto from last night. A big thanks goes out to my sister who took 99% of these shots. Great job, Mel! xo

Ava on the subway for the first time:

I love this picture. We picked up the subway at Kipling and for a brief while we weren't underground and Mel snapped this picture.

During the show:

In Union Station after the show. I love these pictures. We had so much fun. I even saw a couple of girls doing the same thing and taking pictures after they saw us doing it.

Outside afterwards.

Ava staring at the CN Tower (fabulous shot, Mel!):

Waiting for the train in St. George subway station.

And that was it for Ava's first trip to downtown Toronto. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Thanks for a fabulous time, ladies! I had a blast and am so proud of Ava - she was awesome! Cutest thing was that she had brought some Cadbury Mini Eggs for Tinkerbell and Ariel and refused to eat them during the show. She was sure she'd get a chance to deliver them at some point! :)
Erika said…
Looks like you had a fab night out! I remember the first time we took Linus on the public bus. He had always loved to watch them go by, and shouted as soon as he saw them. But when entering the bus, he was all quiet and the whole trip he just stared. We asked if it was fun, and he silently nodded, so deeply amazed of the experience! :P
Flohbock said…
wow.... great iceshow!
Sheri said…
Looks like you three had a great time! Great pics Melissa! I guess photography runs in the family :)
Debra said…
How fun!! Looks like you guys had a great time, making some wonderful memories!! Great shots!
tconlan said…
Looks like it was so much fun!!! Love the last pic, so sweet!