Day 81 {tia}

Part two of yesterday is still coming - we're having some technical difficulties transferring the pictures as all of those pictures are on my sister's camera an hour away. There are some fun ones in there that I will post as soon as I can. Thanks again Mel for a great time. :)

Today was a good day. Breakfast was compliments of yesterday's trip to TO. Forget the architecture, forget the people watching. Stopping at Cinnabon is the best part of Union Station.

Today we spent the afternoon with family. After dinner I couldn't find Ava. I turned around to find her playing with her cousin Natalia. Somehow Natalia ended up inside of the dog's cage.

This picture is horrible because the light was failing and I had to use my flash. I can't believe I am even posting it, but I thought it was hilarious. Emma decided to crawl into the cage with Natalia, but it looks like our kids ganged up on them, forced them into the cage and are taunting them and poking them through the bars.

After dinner I went outside to look for signs of spring. I was in luck. I think these are called snowdrops.

Clothes hanging on the clothes line:

Then Ava and I played with Tia for a while. She reminds me so much of Scarlett as a puppy I can't believe it. There's one big difference though - this puppy is well behaved. Scarlett...not so much. (This is my favourite picture for today.)

This isn't a great photo but the concept was decent:

Ava playing frisbee with Tia:

The sun was setting as we drove home so we took a little drive around town and I got some sunset pictures:

There was just something about this tree. It kind of reminded me of the end of Gone With the Wind where there is that wicked sunset as Scarlett rides into Tara. This sunset definitely isn't half as cool as that one, but the inspiration was there.

Another sign of spring. No more boots. We are now officially into spring gear. Well until we get hit by another snowstorm that is...

That's it! Thanks for looking.


Melissa said…
Beautiful pictures as always, Jen! I can't wait to see the boys' haircuts in person and to take the test. I'm hoping that I can tell them apart. The clothes are always a hint!
Erika said…
Great photos! The pictures of the kids playing in the cage is just too funny! =)
Love the photo of Tia's nose, so cool perspective! Looks like she is having a bunch of fun playing with Ava. And the sunset pics are just gorgeous, the one with the tree could go as a framed picture on the wall!
Anonymous said…
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