Day 83 {a conversation}

Today was once again uneventful. I find I am falling behind on a lot of stuff lately. This whole laptop thing was brilliant in theory but not working out so well. Last night I lay down on my bed to do last night's post. That very short post took me three hours. I typed a bit, inserted the picture, took an hour nap, woke the laptop up, proof read a sentence, took a half hour nap, woke the laptop up, read it over again and posted it. So while I feel more rested, I am behind on my layouts. On the brightside though, time has been freed up on the PVR downstairs as I haven't been chained to the computer in the computer room and can watch the backlog of Greys Anatomy and Private Practice episodes that have been piling up.

Today I took my first pictures while outside during a smoke break with some work friends. I am not a smoker and was freezing my behind off but took my mind off it by trying a trick Shannon posted about on her blog - sunflare. I've gotten the cool sunflare with the pointy sunrays before but it was by complete luck so it's good to know how to do it on purpose. Anyway, I didn't get anything ground breaking as I was only in the parking lot at work taking pictures of the sun bouncing off of cars, but it worked like a charm and was ridiculously easy.

Then I had to take a quick picture of a $100 bill for a work project. I opened it tonight to take a look and was very surprised to see that Photoshop is far smarter than I give it credit for:

Anyway, I was going to post one of them but I googled it and there are a lot of rules around taking pictures of money. I started to read about it, but somewhere between make it black and white and two thirds of four fifths of something or other I started to nod off. If you are like me you don't see $100 bills everyday but you'll have to use your imagination this time as it's doubtful I could complete project 365 from jail.

When I got home from work, the kids were in a good mood. I really need to get some playdates set up for Ava as she keeps tormenting her brothers.

Not that they seem to mind. (This is Ethan with the little chicken legs.)

Scarlett has been scoring large from the dinner table lately. A year and a half of slimming her down after Ava feeding her constantly as a baby and we are creeping back to square one. Guess who the offender is?

Not Owen. He hoards his food.

Ethan is just like me and gives into the puppy dog look each and every time. Think Christmas parades. You know the kid that throws fistfull upon fistfull of candy at the crowds and runs out of candy a third of the way through the parade route? That's Ethan.

I am working on a creative team layout and needed some pictures of Ava talking. Definitely not a hard task. Once again guess who she takes after? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

That's it for today and far more typing than usual. Thanks for looking and thanks for reading if you managed to stick it out!


Shannon said…
Geez, that is so cool about photoshop and money! I never knew that.

Great photos Jen, I can't wait to see some cool sunflare shots from you.
Melissa said…
You're hilarious, Jen! Love the pictures for today! There's never a dull moment!
Karen E. said…
Okay Jen. I am sure glad that photoshop would not allow you to "copy" monsy. I would hate to have to have your 365 postings stop! Love the pictures of the children. the boys are certainly no longer looking like babies! And that little princess is a cutie for sure! She must take after her mother!
Susan said…
Great pictures of your family and such an interesting experience to learn that Photoshop has been programmed to recognize money. I know it must be hard to keep up with everything. Good luck to you and I hope you keep posting.