Day 84 {furniture barricades}

Today started far too early with the kids waking up at ridiculous o'clock.

I have no idea what happened to Ava's shirt during the night but I know it didn't look like that when she went to bed, that's for sure.

I knew it was going to be a bad morning when I had to put up baracades by 8:15.

The child who tested me repeatedly all morning by trying to scale the tv cabinet and anything else he could find? This one right here:

This is Ethan and this fantastic picture above was taken by my sister. Thanks, Mel!

If I had to pick one picture for today this would be it. Ava and Owen were riding around together on Ava's little car. A little while later Ava told my sister that she went for a ride with "the orange guy". We laughed our heads off. The new haircuts are really confusing her. All week she's been calling them "this boy" and "that boy".

Once she figured out who was who, we were back to Ava assigned nicknames. Here's Queedie (Owen):

The above picture is another fabulous shot by my sister. :)

And here's Bam Bam. I was sitting on the floor trying to take pictures of Owen and Ava and as usual, somebody had to walk right into my shot and block it.

One more thing before I go. Erika posted Monday that she wasn't familiar with Don't Stop Believing by Journey. This one's going out to you, Erika. I wouldn't be surprised if you recognize it when you hear it. Keep in mind as you watch that this was the 80s and that's why the fashion and hairstyles are absolutely ridiculous lol. I watched it with Ava the other day and she was very confused. She thought they were all girls and was speechless when I told her they were guys lol.

Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Thank you for playing "Don't stop believing" for me!! Actually I didn't recognize it, but I can fully understand your statement from Monday. =) I almost started sing along, here at office. :P

I love the photo of Owen looking up from behind the table, and the one with him and Ava on the car is so cute. You take great pics! And focused! My indoor pics gets blurry so often.
Misola said…
Love your pictures!! They're all great!
Melissa said…
Beautiful pics, Jen! I am still laughing about "the orange guy" and "the red guy"!