Day 85 {cut & colour}

Today was a pretty good day. For some reason, Ethan was very attached to Scarlett. Everywhere she went, he was lying on her. This isn't out of the ordinary for Owen, but it is for Ethan.

We became a bottle free household at 3:30 and made the switch to sippy cups...

only to return to them in the evening. The boys just aren't ready yet and when they are screaming at you in unison you give them exactly what they want.

Even though I am still on the fence about Vista, I am loving this widget thing. However I am wondering where the sunshine supposedly was because I didn't see it.

Ava rocking the sunglasses when we went out on some errands. (Despite there being no sun.)

How can you not love this face:

Thanks to my parents I escaped the house this evening to go and get a much needed haircut. This is me on bake waiting for the streaks to set enjoying the quiet. I am deep in thought planning out this evening's blog post and making a mental reminder to download the new Lily Allen song we've been listening to at work. (I can't say the name of it as there are grandparents reading this. If you are curious, google Lily's new album and see what jumps out at you. It can never air on the radio but it is great. It's very catchy.)

I'm also wondering if my Timmy's cup contains a prize and could we really fit two adults, three kids and dog inside the Toyota Venza or would we look like we were climbing out of a clown car? I am still undecided but have decided that the sketch on the side of the cup doesn't do it justice. It's a nice looking car. I would later discover that I won a free coffee. If anybody cares, I am reading the Justin Timberlake issue of GQ. I don't have time to brush my hair somedays so reading an issue of Cosmo and finding out if my lipstick matches my personality isn't my thing.

An hour and a half later after foils, a scalp massage, cut and style I now have bangs. It's weird to have bangs again since I haven't had them since I got married but I think it took a few years off. Now if I could just take a few years off my face. Maybe I should have been reading Cosmo after all...

Anyway, terrible picture of me but I like the angle as I only have one chin.

Other than that, my day was uneventful. I have decided my love affair with American Idol died a horrible death at the end of last season. This season is ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Number of houses with Christmas lights I saw on my trip home: 2. If you live on highway six you know who you are. Pull the plug man. It's almost Easter for heaven's sake.

Thanks for looking! Have a great night.


Shannon said…
You are the best! Your blog is so funny! I love the new hair and you now have me super curious about this song.
Sheri said…
Love the new hair. With bangs I see so much of you in Ava...I did before too, but even more so now. I am curious about this song too! Off to google it!
Misola said…
Ha!! You also made a photo at the hairdresser!! It's cool!
Love all your pictures and the stories around them.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wrote an answer to your question.
Melissa said…
Love the new do, Jen! Glad you got a chance to get away and take some time for yourself - you deserve it!

Love the pics of Ethan with Scarlett - so adorable!

Your commentary is hilarious, Jen - my morning laugh! Happy Friday!
Karen E. said…
Wow! Ava certainly is a little Jen!!! Love the new do! Scarlett is so gentle with the children. What do I do wrong?
Good thing that I don't live on the highway 6! Love your commentary. You are so observant!
Erika said…
Aw, the pics of Ethan and Scarlett are so sweet! And the light is fantastic.
8 degrees, is that Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is C it is pretty warm, we have had below freezing the whole week. If it is F it is really cold! =)
Love your new 'do! Isn't it nice to go to the hairdresser and be pampered for a little while!