Day 87 {playing outside}

Today was pretty quiet. Jason was in a curling bonspiel and Ava went to my mom and dad's for the afternoon so it was just the boys and I. I had baracaded all around the tv, pushed the chair against the gate to keep the boys from pulling it down and had put the dinette chairs in the kitchen so the boys couldn't climb onto the kitchen table. I figured I had everything covered so I went to wash some dishes while they played in the dining room. I heard a noise and couldn't figure out what it was as there isn't anything in there they can get into.

Or is there?

I don't think they threw anything down the heating duct, but won't worry too much until smoke starts billowing from it.

It was a beautiful day so the boys and I went for a walk in the afternoon to see what Ava was up to with Nana and Grandad.

Ava pushing the boys around.

The boys "talking" to Nana (Owen's on the left and Ethan is on the right).

Number of scary diapers Owen had:

Number of scary diapers Ethan had:

Ava showing me the bird's nest in the birdhouse.

Ava and I. I'm getting pretty good at this click the camera and hope for the best trick.


Other random shots:

Ava's Dora boots:

This shot didn't turn out as I was shooting randomly while pulling the wagon but Ava was listening to my iPod as we were on our way home. I just like this picture.

I recently came across a site called Plinky. It is a site that helps to inspire you and they ask you questions to get your creativity going. It's pretty interesting but it has me stumped. One of this weeks prompts is "list five things to do before you die". I don't think this is anything I have ever given any thought to before. My list is more of an "I'd like to do this again someday" list. It contains stuff like 1. sleep in until noon and 2. be able to go into the bathroom A. by myself and B. without somebody banging on the door and yelling "MOMMY!!!" at me. I'll have to give this list some thought because right now I am drawing a blank. What's on your list?

Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Wow, Jen! I love each and every picture! Looks like you guys had a blast with Nana and Grandad! I still can't get over how grown up the boys look!

Keep the gorgeous pictures coming!
Marla Herrick said…
It's funny you ask. I have a list but I don't like the word "die." I prefer a list of things you want to accomplish. You asked, so here it is:

1. See a volcano in action.
2. Clean out the garage.
3. See all my kids happily married with families of their own.
4. Obtain a Doctorate degree, and;
5. Write a book. My life is actually pretty interesting, believe it or not. I'm sure at least Lifetime would pick up the rights...

Great pics by the way :)