Day 89 {child proofing continues}

Well today was very uneventful. It was a busy day at work. My first picture of the day is me squealing out of the parking lot leaving work in the dust. I lost track of the time and left the office late.

The trip home included a classic:

And a new song with one of the dumbest music videos I have ever seen (and remember that I was around for the entire 1980s):

When I got home all signs pointed to a pretty standard day. Furniture all flipped around to block stuff...

and the curtains hung so the kids couldn't rip them down.

Today's highlights? Ava tormented her brothers, Ethan got a fat lip and Owen pinched his fingers in the cabinet doors. The new child proofing system? Not working so well.

So I got an idea.

Here's the new and improved system after an hour and a half of assembling our secondary stair gate. I'm not big on directions (as you well know if you have heard the story about me and my mom's smoking skating rink under the Christmas tree) so it probably took longer than most people.

P.S. I was watching my soap opera and watching Tony DiMera die. Again.

P.P.S. Boo Rafe Hernandez.

Anyway, I got sidetracked there. Not only did it provide a temporary solution but also a distraction

for Mia (Owen):

and for Puffy (Ethan). Yep. Whole new set of nicknames from Ava today.

That was it for today. Keep your fingers crossed that the cardboard works because A. my kids are resourceful and they eventually outsmart us everytime and B. they can smell fear.

Thanks for looking!


listgirl said…
Highway run... Into the midnight sun...Wheels go round and round... Now I'll be singing it all night!

It seems that you spend quite a big amount of time childproofing your home, but now I get having 3 young children so close together is like!
Shannon said…
Oh Jen! I can't believe how busy your little ones are. But, I do know where they got it from! I am sure my mom is secretly laughing her ass off at Jason. It seems to be that what goes around comes around. I'm just sorry that you have to deal with this as well.
Melissa said…
Wow Jen - you continue to amaze me! I don't know how you do it! Good thing Mia, Puffy and The Munch are so darn cute!

Hope today is a better day!
Karen McDougall said…
The birthday gift has been worthwhile already before it even gets outside as a great barricade if nothing else.

Shannon is right what goes around comes around but I didn't have double trouble. Good Luck I hope the fence is coming soon.
Anonymous said…
OO your living room looks lovely ::he he he:: Tables turned over are a must in my house. But he is learning how to pick them up and hear a grunting I look, and see him trying to pick up heavy items it funny. Good luck! I think they will out grow it soon
Debra said…
OH MY!!! I was honestly laughing out loud though. To see what your house looks like when you come home is hilarious, but I totally understand. And then to read that note...My cousin had three in eleven months, but hers were all girls, and really, one little gate was all they ever needed. I hope the cardboard works for you!
Dot O said…
Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my photo journey blog. My two were once both just under 3, now they are 15 and 17 and I so wish I had digital technology back when they were small. I look at the photos I took way back then and think "eh"... The detail is so not the same.

Have fun on your photo journey and I'll be stopping back!
Debra said…
Back with the requested info!!

Here are the date stamps I'm using.

She has some other new cool things too!
Thanks, Debra! I really appreciate the info. And big thanks to everyone for your comments - I really appreciate it. :)
deann said…
jennifer --

i'm sorry to be leaving you a comment, i was actually trying to find an email address for ya, but i can't. now, it could be that i'm really lame and just can't find the "email me" button on your blog, but whatever the case is - lol! i'd love to talk with you.

i am the owner for {we are} storytellers and you have some really big fans over there. i'd love to talk to you about the possibility of joining our creative team.

if you are at all interested in finding out the details, go ahead and email me at

take care and hope to hear from you soon!

deann mcdaniel
Erika said…
You really have an active set of kids at your home! Isn't it interesting that a big box can be a lot more fun to kiddos than their regular toys? =) Anything not beeing acutal toys is very fun to play with around here.