Day 90 {bathtime with Nana}

Not much in the way of pictures for today. Work was crazy today (somebody asked me last week where I work. I work for a marketing communications agency.) and I didn't get a chance to take many pictures.

I took this picture as I left the house this morning. (Somebody else asked about the temperature here. We measure the temperature here in Celsius.)

Then I didn't take anymore pictures until I got home tonight.

As I sat down to watch my soap opera, I realized that my brilliant idea from yesterday was one of my dumbest yet. (On a totally different note: Boo Lucas Roberts.)

They found the flaw in my plan. (Sigh...EJ. Hubba hubba.) Luckily Uncle Jarret called with a new plan today. A brilliant one. It's not gonna look pretty, but it's fool proof. Stay tuned.

Ethan sees me get off the couch so he makes a beeline for the remote. (Boo, hiss Nicole Walker.)

Jason is working afternoon shift this week and on the days that I work the evenings are crazy. Luckily my mom popped in and gave me a hand.

A shot of Ava tonight during her bath.

That's it for tonight. I have to jet as I am trying to update our old computer in time for this whole Conficker worm fiasco that may or may not happen. Just one more reason I should have bought a mac instead of a PC.

Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Brr.. that car looks cold! Last winter we had to have our car outside all the time, and I'm sooo tired of raking the windows. Now we are lucky enough to park it indoors.

Can see the boys got themselves busy breaking through your child locks today too. Sorry! I'm very excited to see what new inventions will come up. Hope they are the ultimate solution! =)
Melissa said…
Cute pics, Jen! Love the ones of the kids in the bath - the margarine tub hats are hilarious!

Hope you have a great day at home today!
Susan said…
What a day you have--each day actually. Good thing is that despite your hectic schedule, you are getting some very good pictures of daily life. I wonder what new ideas you'll have for the future. I'm sure it's hard to stay ahead of your kids.
MericP said…
I love that pic of Ava during her bath! :) So cute, lol