Week 13 layout

Here is my layout for week thirteen that I created today. I'm not sure what I think about it. I think I really like it - it's just really busy. I just find that a lot of my weekly layouts are looking the same so I wanted to do something really different. I used to love to scribble little pictures on my binders in school so the second I saw this paper I loved it. It comes plain just black and white and I colored it in.

Week 13

Template: Life 365 mega collection
Alphabet: Art Notes by CD Muckosky
Elements: Graphies, Peace on Earth and Conversation Piece, all by CD Muckosky

Flowers: Enchanted Garden by CD Muckosky and Spring Greens by Kate Hadfield
Frames: Frame It by Fee Jardine from Sweet Shoppe Designs
Paper: Doodle Papers by Jacque Larsen from The Lily Pad
Font: Pea Hillary

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
OO where do I begin ;-) This Lo is so cute I too love the doodles. Its so fun and cheerful! THe kids new cuts wow the boys look so big ;-( lol They all look wonderful. I am too going back to bangs this next haircut ;-) I don't like my forhead just there in my pictures lol

I like the pics of your field trip to the woods! Tp on a stick thats funny. Lo's are wonderful and your blog is NOT boring. ;-)

I have been working on pics but not even ready to post. I hope to do it very soon before another week goes by.

I have read all the Twilight books and even the rough draft on Stephanie Meyers web site for Edwards book. After I finished the 4 books I was bummed out. But the movie is really BAD. yeah you get to put faces to the story but acting was pretty bad. It was kind of hard to watch. When I saw Edward in the sun I thought, LOW BUDGET MOVIE LOL! anyways I could read the book all over again. Funny this Teen thing has gotten us all in a tizy LOL. Did you enjoy them too?

Looks like the warm weather is heading your way. No more snow suite to stay warm. ;-) Have a lovely day ;-)
Flohbock said…
Great layout!
Debra said…
love love love the layout!! So bright, cheery and fun!