Day 61

Well today was uneventful as I was at work. I did however manage to get out in decent time and was home before dark. It was absolutely frigid today but for some reason there was a rainbow.

Before I knew it we were into baths and bedtime. We all wound down a bit by watching my soap operas which doesn't take long when I only watch about ten minutes of Days and fast forward through the rest of the show.

FINALLY, there is a reason to watch Days of Our Lives again.

Here we are watching the theme song to "General Hostable" for the fourth time. Ava and I have just finished shouting out the names of all of the characters as they come across the screen.

And that's about it for today. Hopefully more opportunities present themselves later in the week. Thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Very cute, Jen! Love the pictures where you can see your toes with Ava's. The boys look pretty interested! Were they dancing to the theme song again?
Shannon said…
Love the photos! My favourites are also the ones of Ava and you watching tv. The toes are too cute!
SocRMum1 said… favorite blogger blogging about my favorite characters on my (once again) favorite show!

These are good times, Jen...good times.

Love the pics of everyone kicked back and enjoying some down time. :)