Day 102

Today was another long and tiring day. I had planned to do some scrapbooking after writing this but that definitely isn't going to happen. I am beat.

Here's what happened today. Ethan beat up poor Owen.

Calling Nana to let her know the Easter bunny came last night (Ava is also sporting an Ethan inflicted injury).

We had an Easter egg hunt.

We have a family tradition for Easter morning breakfast - pepper-pot. I LOVE it. It's one of my favourite recipes my grandmother used to make. My dad is working on perfecting it and is doing a great job. Anyway, it may look odd, but it's delicious.

Then we went out for lunch with the entire McDougall family. It was great and all three of the kids were good as gold

except it was hard to keep Ava away from the waterfall at the front door during dinner.

Well, I am off to bed early for once. Have a great night and thanks for looking!


Melissa said…
Cute pics, Jen! I love the one of the boys at the table all dressed up - they look like they are ready for a business meeting! So adorable! Thanks for a great Easter!
tconlan said…
Looks like it turned out to be a great day (minus the injuries!LOL!) Love the restaurant shots! :)