Day 106 {wagon ride}

Today was a very good day at home with the kids, however the first problem of the day was laptop related. Stupid Microsoft.

My dad was rolling lawns on the street so the kids were glued to the window. Ava went out briefly to say hi and wave. (Poor little Ava hurt her foot a while ago and it still hasn't gone away.)

Tonight we went for a walk to my parents' house around the corner. I managed to pull all three of them in the wagon. The kids loved it.



The way home. Ethan was feeding Owen his cookie. It was so cute.

When we got home it was time for baths. Ava's clothes were off by the time she hit the top of the stairs, but two seconds later she was running around in her tutu with a bare bum. Here she is dancing in her room at sunset:

And I amused myself briefly making shadow puppets against the wall. No idea what this is. Shadow puppets is yet another thing I am not any good at.

And that was it. I've got more to say and show but am far too tired. Maybe I'll write more tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


Flohbock said…
The little ballet dancer like me!
Anonymous said…
I loved looking back through your blog!! What a great photographer you are! Love your photos!! I can't wait to see more and I'm glad you're a new WST Storyteller!!