Day 107 {graffiti}

Would you believe I didn't take any pictures of my kids today? Actually that's a lie. I took one picture of Owen that was terrible. Today at lunchtime, Janie and I went out and explored with our cameras. I have a thing for graffiti (looking at it, not creating it) so I wanted to go and find some. There are few people in this world who would respond with excitement when I say "Hey! Want to go find urine alley with me?" Janie is one of them.

So here we are at urine alley by the bus/train station downtown. It's a very cool spot although I wouldn't want to be anywhere near there at night and I just may end up burning the shoes I was wearing.

Layers of paint covering years of artwork.

There was just something about the carefree shape of this.

Here is the entrance to the tunnel. I was down at the bottom of the stairs taking a picture of the guy on the wall when I heard somebody behind me. Mr. Scary Transient startled me and said something to me that I didn't make out as Janie watched at the top of the stairs in horror. Anyway, it sounds far more dramatic than it really was. He was just passing through.

Here's an interesting little fact for you - if you are caught urinating in public in the city of Guelph it'll land you a $240 fine (I googled this. This not from personal experience).

The lighting in this picture is horrible because it was taken inside the tunnel. I went looking for an inspirational saying. Unfortunately I can't repeat much of what I found but this was cool. Preach it sistah.

Now this was interesting. Cool looking train huh?

Until you get closer.

WHAT?! Required in THIS AREA?! You mean the area that is three feet from my face? Shouldn't this sign be fifty feet back from the train? Better yet why is the train out in public in the first place?

Anyway, this was funny. Near the Greyhound station on the back of a dumpster a nerd got in with the wrong crowd. A grafitti artist in training. This was done in chalk and I must say the cursive is impressive. You go girl. Rock on with your bad self.

Standing in the middle of Carden Street near the bus station with a cool airplane streak in the air.

And this was the coolest thing that happened this week. A proposal! Congratulations, Janie & Karen!

And that was it for today. Thanks for looking!


wow stunning photos and love the graffiti! The second shot with the sun there is really marvelous, love it!!! What a great place, but I'm sure it didn't smell that good! hihi
Flohbock said…
Wow... great graffitis I think the locomotive genial
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
Love the graffiti. Sounded like an "interesting" place to take photos. And I'm glad it was not your first hand experience that led you to the public urination fine information! LOL
Erika said…
Cool photos of the graffiti! Looks like you hade a great little adventure! Love the pic of the train too, but the sign is a bit worrying, I agree.
Lucy Corrander said…
When I first glanced down the page, I thought you had been taking pictures of your own work. Interesting how there are layers of art here as well as of paint - that an architect designed the wall, a graffitti-ist embelished it and you photographed it and each layer shows, too.

The train - horrors! Will you be following it up, finding out why it is so close to the public?

Thanks for visiting PICTURES JUST PICTURES. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit - do come again!

Lucy Corrander
Anonymous said…
These are GREAT! I love the face and the blue one thats further away. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in search of art ;-)