Day 110 {rainy Monday}

It rained all day here today and it was miserable. I was on my way home from work and wasn't sure what pictures I was going to get in before the end of the day. So I panicked and took this boring picture of the miserable weather while sitting at a light:

Little did I know there would be a perfect opportunity once I got home. After all our house is anything but boring. I got home and Jason and I were making dinner. The kids were pretty quiet so I went into the dining room to check on them.

No big deal - they are just looking out the window.

Wait a minute. They are leaning out the window.

(Please note that where the siding ends our garden begins. This window is only a foot off the ground.)

Back in the fall, the boys kept pushing on the window screen so we took it out and put it in the basement. We haven't brought it back up yet. On Saturday afternoon the window was opened a bit to let the air through for obvious reasons (house full of guys - you do the math). The window latches were never flipped down afterward, so Ava cranked it open.

Anyway, it made my photos of the day easy but the kids almost gave me a heart attack. Ava was quite proud of herself and the boys were having a blast screaming out the window. Thank god the window is only a foot off the ground and thank god nobody climbed out including the dog. The window is now latched top and bottom so they won't be able to do a repeat performance.

Another random shot from today - rain on our Japanese maple.

And that was it. I am anxious for it to stop raining because I can't wait to get out and take some more pictures on my lunch hour. I have a list of places to check out as long as my arm. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous so hopefully I will get a chance to get out and explore.

Thanks for looking!


Susan said…
That's a darling picture of the kids looking out through the open window. I'm tired of rain here, too. It's so gray.
Flohbock said…
loveley pics from your kids... :o)
Melissa said…
Way too funny, Jen! They're trying to escape again!
Robert Hill said…
Ya got keep your eye on the little ones - they're fast - cute kids, and a good shot.
Erika said…
I really like your pic from the car, the angel is great and the depth of the road too!

Lol, glad you found them all still inside the house! Great pictures of their little adventure. Your blog will be a fantastic memory for your kids when they get older!
Debra said…
rain rain go away!!!

It's hotter than heck enjoy the cooler weather.